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● Member registration / Login

【Member registration】


・As a passenger needs to input telephone number again when the passenger reserves,

 please input the passenger's mobile phone number.

 ( A passenger cannot register credit card. )

 In case a passenger reserves on the phone, please tell us the passenger's membership number.
・Member registration is available only on the internet.
 A passenger cannot register membership on the phone, nor at the airport counter.
・In case a passenger forgets the passenger's membership number, or password, please ask us on the phone.
1.New member registration
① After selection of member registration, please input and register required item.
  ( Please input telephone number and zip code in half-width digit without hyphen. )
② Please take a note of membership number that is shown at the screen of completion of registration.
  Ten digit of membership number is required.
2.Member login
① Please input a passenger's membership number and password in the login screen after member login.
② For confirmation of reservation, please input and search either combination of 1)reservation number and 2)- ①,
  or 1)reservation number and 2)- ②.
③ A passenger can make a new reservation.
④ A passenger can change the member information.
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