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● Time of meeting

・Please finish procedure at least 30 minutes before departure time.
● Check in
・Please tell us the destination, the passenger's name and the reservation number when the passenger checks in.
 We may confirm below mentioned points based on terms of payment.
Terms of payment
Point to be checked
Reservation number
 Boarding guide ※ Please refer to the following.
Convenience store
Reservation number
 Receipt issued at the convenience store
Credit card
Reservation number

 Boarding guide(Copy is acceptable.) ※ Please refer to the following.

 ※ Declaration of credit card number that a passenger used for settlement

・In case a passenger uses discount for islander, the passenger should show a certificate of the island resident. * Copy is not acceptable.
・In case a passenger uses discount for disabled person, please show us a certificate of disabled person.
・For carry-on and checked baggage, excess charge may be incurred in some cases.  Details are described in this side.
※ Boarding guide( Please bring it, if a passenger can print it out. )
● Safety inspection and boarding
・In case a passenger finishes procedure, please listen to announcement to safety inspection area.
・It may take time for safety inspection in some cases due to reinforcement for safety structure.
・A staff will guide a passenger to the aircraft.
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/ Confirmation or Change of Reservation
Aircraft Indication based on the Specified
Commercial Transaction Act
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