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● Due date
 Please pay within seven days including the reservation date.
 In case payment is overdue, reservation is subject to cancel without notice.
● Terms of payment
 ① Payment at the airport counter
   ・A passenger can pay in cash, or pay with credit card at the counter of New Central Airservice. ( 08:30 ~ 16:30 )
   ・As it is very crowded in the arrival time and the departure time of aircraft, a passenger may wait for procedure in some cases.
 ② Settlement with credit card
   ・Homepage of New Central Airservice
    In case of internet reservation, please select "Credit Card" as terms of payment.
   ・Settlement on the phone
    Please tell us a passenger's credit card number, the expiration date, and the security code.
   ※Below mentioned credit cards are available.
 ③ Payment at a convenience store
   ・Homepage of New Central Airservice
    In case of internet reservation, please select "Convenience Store", and pay
      at the convenience store after acquisition of "Payment Number".
   ・Reservation on the phone
    Please tell us "Payment at a convenience store".As we inform a passenger of "Payment Number",
    please pay at the convenience store designated.
   ※A passenger can pay at below mentioned convenience stores.
   ※For a passenger living in Toshima, Mikurajima, and Shikinejima
    Transfer at a post office is available on Toshima, and Mikurajima.
    Please transfer by the day before time limit for purchase.
    Bank transfer fee will be charged to the passenger.

    Please transfer with the passenger's name.

    Payment in cash or with credit card is available at the tourism association on Shikinejima.
    In detail, please ask each airport counter on the phone.
Oshima Airport
  Telephone 04992 (2) 1651
Niijima Airport
  Telephone 04992 (5) 0180
Kouzushima Airport
  Telephone 04992 (8) 1116
Miyakejima Airport
  Telephone 04994 (6) 0006
● Precaution on issue of a receipt

   (1) In case of internet settlement, we will issue the receipt at the airport counter when a passenger check-in

   (2) In case of purchase with credit card, "Payment with credit card" will be mentioned on the receipt.
   (3) In case of payment at the convenience store, please receive the receipt that the convenience store issues.
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