One-way fare
One-way fare
(3-11years old)
Return ticket discount Fare
Discount for islander Fare
Discount for disabled person Fare
Discount of an air ticket for remote islands on the border Fare
Remote island airline discount fares
Chofu - Oshima
12,000 Yen
8,400 Yen
22,400 Yen
10,700 Yen
9,000 Yen
7,200 Yen
Chofu - Niijima
14,400 Yen
10,100 Yen
26,100 Yen
12,800 Yen
10,800 Yen
8,700 Yen
Chofu - Kouzushima
15,600 Yen
11,000 Yen
28,200 Yen
13,900 Yen
11,700 Yen
9,400 Yen
Chofu - Miyakejima
17,500 Yen
12,200 Yen
31,900 Yen
15,600 Yen
13,100 Yen
10,600 Yen
In case a passenger from 12 years up makes a round trip on the same route within 30 days from the date of issue
It is not applicable to below mentioned period.
04/26 ~ 05/07・07/25 ~ 08/31・12/25 ~ 01/07
In case a passenger uses discount for islander, the passenger should show a certificate of the island resident
such as a driver's license and a health insurance card. * Copy is not acceptable.
Disabled person in class 1 and class 2, and
・One care person who accompanies disabled person in class 1
・A person who has "Air Discount Stamp" in "Wounded Veteran's Certificate" of Japan
・A person who has "Air Discount Stamp" in "Rehabilitation Certificate" of Japan and one care person who accompanies
※ In case of purchase and check-in, the person has to show the certificate. * Copy is not acceptable.
If you use the “Border Island Remote Airline Discount Fares” and “Remote Island Air Route Discount Fares”, you will need to present your “Tokyo Remote Island Resident Air Discount Card” at the time of boarding procedures. (Copy not possible)
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