Basic policy
New Central Airservice (hereunder, called "Our Company") considers that privacy protection
for a passenger and a student is legal duty and important social accountability.
Our Company respects and protects the rights on personal information of a passenger and a student.
Purpose of use of personal information
Our Company acquires and uses personal information of a passenger and a student for below mentioned purpose.
 ① Reservation in air transportation service, Sales of air ticket, Check-in, Handling at the airport
 ② Our Company's marketing activity
 ③ Response to inquiry or request
Personal information acquisition
Our Company acquires personal information for a passenger and a student by legal and fair means.
Personal information management
Our Company takes safety management measures and corrective measures for prevention of loss, leakage, destruction,
or falsification of personal information.
Offer of personal information to the third party
Our Company does not disclose nor offer personal information of a passenger and a student to the third party except below mentioned cases.
 ① In case a passenger or a student consents by oneself
 ② In case it is requested to disclose or offer by law
 ③ In case it is required for protection of life, body, and property of someone
 ④ In case Our Company can disclose or offer so as not to specify someone for statistic data
Our Company outsource a part of business and may offer personal information within extent necessary to the trustee
Our Company supervises handling by the trustee
Contact information on personal information
General affaires department, New Central Airservice Co., Ltd.
〒301-0806 3177, Handa-machi, Ryugasaki City, Ibaraki
Telephone: 0297-62-1271
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